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Quizzically Insane.

*Time started: 11:14 pm
*Name: Amy.
*Nickname: I don't really have one.
*Single or Taken: Single.
*Sex: Female.
*Birthday: August 3rd, 1984.
*Sign: Leo.
*Siblings: Two, both older.
*Hair colour: Naturally, brown.
*Eye colour: Green.
*Shoe size: 7 1/2.
*Height: 5'6".
*Innie or Outie: Meh.
*What are you wearing right now: A shirt that ma sista made, a sweater thingy and black pants.
*Where do you live: Gatineau.
*Righty or lefty: Righty.

*Who is your closest friend? I can't really choose one right now. Though I can say that Kelly has been really supportive the past while, and I have gotten alot closer to her.
*Do you have a bf or gf?: No...
*Best place to go for a date: As long as we would be having an awesome time, I don't really care.
*Where is your fav place to shop: I don't have one.
*Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Yes.

*Color: Purple.
*Number(s): Bah. Numbers. Pshaw.
*Food: The edible kind that have been nicely spiced.
*Boys name: I have always really like Alexander.
*Girls name: I am not quite sure.
*Subject in school: Music...
*Animal: Horses.
*Drink: I don't really have one, though a Chai tea latte is very nice.
*Celebrity: My favorite would have to be Gary Oldman.
*Sport: n/a
*Veggie: None in particular.
*Fruit: I am not too sure.
*Fast food place: :: shrugs ::
*Place to visit: Hawai'i was beautiful.
*Month: Any month between Spring and Summer.
*Juice: Mango.
*Finger: Umm...
*Ice Cream: Mint chocolate-chip. Hands down.
*Breakfast: Well, I made crepes the other days with eggs and bacon, covered with a cheese sauce and that was delecious.
*Perfume/Cologne: Meh. As long as someone does not bathe in it, I don't really care.
*Favorite cartoon character: Hmmm... You know, I am not quite sure.

Do You/Have You
*Smoked: Yep.
*Bungee jumped: No.
*Broken the law: Of course.
*Made yourself throw-up: Yes, but because I felt really gross and that was the only way to make myself feel better.
*Gone skinny dipping: No.
*Been in the opposite sexe's bathroom: Yes.
*Eaten a dog biscuit: Nope.
*Put your tongue on a frozen pole: Nope. I was terrified at doing so.
*Loved someone that made you cry?: I have. Both tears of joy and tears of sadness.
*Played truth or dare: Of course.
*Been in a physical fight: Unfortunately.
*Been in a police car: I have, but not because I was arrested. My Dad and I where in an accident, they had us sit in the back while they talked... to the other person involved? I dunno. Something like that. This was before kindergarden.
*Been on a plane: Yes.
*Been in a hot tub: Yes.
*Swam in the ocean: Yes.
*Fallen asleep in school: Nope.
*Broken someone's heart: Perhaps. Though it isn't something that I like to dwell on.
*Cried when someone died: I have.
*Flashed someone: Nope.
*Lied: Unfortunately.
*Laughed so hard you fell off your chair: Well, I laughed so hard that my knees gave way...
*Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: I have. And it is frustrating when the person who you are waiting for does not call.
*Saved e-mails: I have and still do.
*Wished you were someone else: Sometimes.
*Wished you were a member of the opposite sex: When it is that time of the month.
*Been in love? Yes.
*Used someone: Perhaps, though unintentionally.
*Done something you regret?: Yes... but I try not to get depressed about it.

First Thing That Comes to Mind
*Red: Ink.
*Blue: Skies.
*Happy: Tree Friends.
*Autumn: Winter.
*Cow: Milk.
*Greenland: Iceland.
*Your good luck charm: I don't have one.
*Stupidest thing you have ever done: Well... I'd rather not say.
*Your crush: This really funny bloke named Nick.
*Your most prized possession: I don't have one.
*Last thing you said: Bye?
*What is beside you: My sketch book, my iPod case, my headphones and cd player, Viva la Bam seasons's 2 and 3, my cellphone, pencils, eraser, a book about sir Alec Guiness.
*Last thing you ate: A Nutella sandwich.
*Fave song: A random one would be... "Symbolistic White Walss" by Matthew Good.
*Thing that has happened to you this year: I cannot sum it up in words. Actually, I can. I am alot more jaded now than I have ever been. If you want to know, ask me on a personal level, and I may tell you.

Have You Ever Had
*Chicken pox: Yes.
*Sore Throat: Yes.
*Cold: Yes.
*Stitches: No.
*Broken Arm: Yes.
*Black Eye: No.
*Nose Bleed: Yes.
*Rolled Ankle: Yes.
*A million other things to do than this: Yes.

Do you
*Believe in love at first sight: I dunno.
*Enjoy parks: Yes.
*Like picnics: Yes.
*Like school: Sorta.
*What schools have you gone to: St. Rene, Henry A Ward Elementary, Hadley Juniour High, Philemon Wright High School, Heritage College.
*Hate anyone: Yes. Yes I do, and their name starts with an "R".

*Is the last person that called you: My boss.
*Makes you laugh the most: They all make me laugh, though the one who has made me laugh the most in a while is that Nick fellow.
*Makes you smile: My friends.
*Can make you feel better no matter what: My friends.
*Was the last person you touched? I dunno.
*You talked to last: Nick.
*You hugged?: My mom.
*You yelled at: Well, it was a quasi yell, and it was at Josh.
*Told you they loved you: My mom, I think.

Do You/Are You
*Do you like yourself: Somewhat.
*Do you get along with your family: I am starting to.
*Do you do drugs: Marijuana.
*Color your hair?: Yes. And it needs to be re-dyed.
*Have piercings below the waist?: No.
*Habla espanol?: Nope.
*Obsessive: I should hope not.
*Compulsive: Sometimes.
*Anorexic: Nope.
*Depressed? Maybe, but I think I am better.
*what time is it now? 12:13 am.



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